Event & Party Ideas

Resin Table Pouring

Looking for something new and unique to get your friends together for?  How about a resin pour party?  Allow your guests to create their own functional masterpieces by creating a poured accent table top! 

Couples Parties!

Looking for something fun for a few couples?  Let's customize a couples paint and sip! 

Acrylic Pour Party

What's the new fad in painting?  Abstract art, which is most easily created by pouring fluid colors onto canvas or wooden panels.  This mesmerizing technique is fun to create and watch!  No two pieces will ever be alike! 

Resin Tray Party

Let's get your friends together to do something more than just a canvas painting!  Let's create some functional art! 

Pajamas & Painting

Looking for a fun fundraising idea for your school?  Munchkins & Masterpieces will come to your school to coordinate a Pajama Painting Party!  Arrive in your PJs, paint your Pajama Bottoms on canvas and put them together for a family portrait!  We'll provide all the supplies as well as some tunes for guests to enjoy!  Add pizza and popcorn for a complete family event night while raising funds for your school!

Team Building Events

A fun and unique way to get your team together for team building, product launching or a thank you to clients!   Whether you are a business team, social group or school group, we will customize a painted piece that relates to your business or group so everyone has a memorable experience and anchor to remind them of the event.

Fundraising Events

Looking for a new fundraising opportunity?  Look no further than Mimosas & Masterpieces!  We'll customize a painting for your fundraiser so that it is unique to your group.   We then advertise via social media so the event can be shared throughout your organizations.  We'll set up a link for pre-registration and payment, then we'll be there to set up the event space for you, provide the instruction and stay to clean up!  Depending on the amount of guests prices start at $35/painter.  Attendance can range from 15 - 70 people!  

Bridal Parties

Brides to be, gather your bridal party together for a fun evening of painting.  You choose the theme for your canvas or glassware.  Each person in your party will one canvas or paint two glasses. We partner with some local restaurants for events of 15 or more and can include lunch at an additional fee!

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Custom Wooden Board Painting

Looking to customize a piece for your group? We'd be happy to help create something custom including vinyl lettering or custom stencils! 

Tote Bag Painting

Whether just painting a pre printed tote bag or adding a tea party to it for a Totes and Tea Party, this relaxing limited instruction party is easy to throw! We'll supply you with everything you need including the tea! 

LIght Up Wine Bottles

Paint your own wine bottle and add a string of battery operated lights attached to a cork to complete your masterpiece!  Something that everyone will love!

Wooden Sign Painting

Looking for something other than canvas?  How about a personalized sign!  We'll supply you with the wooden planks, with paints and a ton of stencils to customize your very own wooden sign!

Mimosas & Masterpieces

This is how it all started!  Schedule a morning paint and sip party where breakfast and mimosas are provided to the guests for a small extra fee.  Paint canvas or glassware with your friends or group.  You invite your guests and we'll take care of the rest!

Munchkins & Masterpieces

If you'd like to take the focus off the "mimosas" portion of a painting event, especially when customizing for children, please visit our Munchkins & Masterpieces page for some more detail.  We'd love to be able to put together full party packages for birthdays!

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