Join Mimosas & Masterpieces as we paint Tash - the Alpaca with Bop, Boop and Bip the sloths!  (Named by one of our painters -  Abigail!)  


We'll be zooming with Apple Hill Farms and checking out their Alpacas and their Llamas!  Bring those questions!  She'll be with us to answer them!   Hopefully after seeing them and talking about them, you get inspired to paint your own!  


Once our zoom session is completed with the farm, we'll begin painting!   Be sure you print your sketches and transfer to your canvas before we get started.  We'll finish doing the Alpaca's legs together!  For now placement of your Alpaca's head should be about 2 - 3" from the top of your canvas.  Center the complete image as best you can.  


If you need a paint kit, please feel free to grab one on our website!  All of our kit purchasers, zoom attendees and virtual tippers will be placed on one spinner for giveaways! 

Alpaca Sloth Zoom 12/17/2020 Sign Up