This evening we’ll be showing you over a hundred paintings all of which are for sale!   We are going to ask for a $25 donation for each painting, however throw discounts for purchasing multiples. 

We’ll hold up one painting at a time with a number and the first person we see that messages us that number will be awarded the painting.  (payments must be made by the end of the evening or we will move onto the backup).   Your fee would include delivery in the U.S.!

Better yet- for every painting purchased with your donation; YOU will tell US what charity you’d like to see your funds go to!  (Buy three paintings and we’ll reserve 3 spots on the spinner for you/your charity!)

At check out we will ask you the painting #( s ) along with the name of the charity or organization that you’d like to see the funds go to!   I will also add options if you would like your piece FRAMED at checkout! 

I will make sure that all paintings are signed if they aren’t already.  They are all my original pieces.  (Hey maybe one day they’ll be worth something! Hah!)  For now, we just hope they can bring others joy!


Art for Charity Info -6/17/21 at 8pm Eastern Time