Join Mimosas & Masterpieces for 8 weeks of painting!  Once per week we go live from our private group and paint with you!  You'll receive a confirmation email with the link to our private group on Facebook. Please request to join and we'll add you once we verify!   Please do not add additional guests to our group until the last week when we open it up for others to join.  The paintings will stay in our private group until the final week when we'll take them down and download them to the web page for additional download.  


Fall Fun WorkShop List of Dates and Paintings
Wolf/Husky 9/9
Sugar Glider 9/15
Fall Tree  9/23
Wagon with Pumpkins 9/29
Tractor  10/5
Cat in Pumpkin 10/14
Bag of candy 10/20
Turkey 10/28

Fall Fun Workshop - 9/9/20 - 10/28/20