We love painting with all of you!  We are super excited to not only paint with you but giveaway some Rascal Plush Pups after our event!  


We are keeping the painting a FREE Virtual event and it will be on YouTube Live!! Check out and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to receive notifications! 


This item is a $25 donation/tip to Mimosas & Masterpieces per Troop.  It is NOT required whatsoever.   For those Troops that decide to donate/tip us, we are going to give away one Rascal Plush to someone in your Troop!  We will ask that you provide us with a list (excel preferred) of your Troop # and participants' names.  It does not have to be a full name for disclosure of course.  For every Troop that participates, we will create a spinner with names, one winner chosen from each to receive our mascot, a Plush Rascal!  We will ask you to reach out to us with an address for shipping!


Girl Scout Rascal Giveaway