We are so excited to offer our first resin pour class!  We are going to do this on ZOOM for the first one to see how things go, and to make sure we can interact with you as best we can! 


First note - By Purchasing this Kit you are in agreement:

*We will be working with chemicals which means we need to take some safety precautions! *Epoxy Resin consists of two parts that when combined in the correct amounts and blended well, will create a clear hard surface. Resins are extremely sticky, so you will be using gloves. Both plastic and Nitrile gloves are a part of your kit.

*We also advise using a mask. While these resins may be low odor, they still are a chemical and inhaling chemicals of any kind is hazardous. We encourage working outdoors if you can or if indoors using an air purifier.

*If you are extremely sensitive (like myself) please be sure to shower as soon as your project is completed, as epoxy resin can be a skin irritant.

*In order to color your resin, we will be using a variety of powders, mica and glitter. Some of these particles can be ultra fine and float in the air, so again we advise the use of a face mask.

*We do supply plastic aprons with your kit, but it's advisable to also wear old clothes. Epoxy does not come out of clothing!

*We advise against eating and drinking during this project. 


Second Note: Kit Options

For our first Resin Class, the are three tray sizes to choose from.  They all have handles.  There are then pre-made kit options to choose from as well as a Surprise Me!  And a Create Your Own.  When you choose Create My Own - you will make note in the comments/notes section the following: 1 - Paint Color Option, 5 - Mica Color Options, 1 - Fine Glitter Color, 1- Chunky Glitter.   We will do our BEST to accomodate all your requests to the closest color/option.


*Rainbow Tray Option Comes with:

Paint -White 

Mica Powders - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

Glitter - Irridescent Clear/White Chunky/Fine Mix


*Unicorn Tray Option Comes with: 

Paint - White

Mica Powders - Pearl White, Light Pink, Light Teal, Lavender, Gold

Glitter - Chunky Unicorn (Mix of stars and unicorns!)


*Galaxy Tray Option Comes with:

Paint - Black

Mica Powders - Black, White, Dark Blue, Purple, a Surprise GLOW color, Dark Yellow

Glitter - Fine Black


*Waterfall Tray Option Comes with:

Paint - Black

Mica Powders - Dark Brown, Light Brown, Gold, White, Blue

Glitter - Chunky White/Irridescent, Fine Blue


*Black & White Tray Option Comes with:

Paint - Black

Mica Powders - Black, White, Silver

Glitter - Fine Black, Chunky Silver, Mixed Silver


*Black & Blue Tray Option Comes With:

Paint- Black

Mica Powders - Black, Silver, Blue, White

Glitters - Blue, Silver


*Surprise Me! Tray Option Comes With:

A Surprise Paint Color!  5 Fun Mica Powders and 2 Coordinating Glitters


*Create My Own Option:   In the Notes Section you will need to select 

1 paint color, 5 mica Powder Colors, 1 Fine Glitter and 1 Chunky Glitter Color 


Third Note: Details/What's Needed: 

While we will be supplying you with everything needed to create your resin tray, the following items will also be helpful/needed. 

*A level table/space for you to work on (check with a level if at all possible.  The slightest skew, may really shift the design of your creation while it cures)

*Open Space/Air Purifier (we mentioned above, epoxy resin is a chemical and should be used in a well ventilated area.)

*Covered table/Work Space (something disposible is great! Or- a shower curtain liner is something the resin usually won't stick to!  Pull it off and use it over again!)

*Heat Gun (or hair dryer that has a very low setting) When mixing resins, often small air bubbles build up in the resin and create a less clear finish or not a smooth surface.  Using a heat gun is the best way to bring the bubbles to the surface and pop them.  A blow dryer on LOW should also give you the same effect.  


Zoom/Login - please be sure your email is correct - we will also email all of the information above to your email with the Zoom Link to join us! 


Virtual Resin Pour Class 5/28/21 - 8pm EST