Join us Sunday Nov. 8th at 12:30EST on ZOOM while we paint our Santa Claws Sloth.  During our Zoom we'll meet and greet a live sloth friend from the Hattiesburg Zoo in Hattiesburg, MS for some inspiration while you paint!  We'll start painting after about 15-20 minutes of a visit with our sloth friend! 


*This is a limited number guests for this event.  The fee includes a painting kit (16 x 20 Canvas, Pre-Portioned Paints, Premium Paint Brush Set, Disposible Apron) as well as a fun swag item!  In addition to that we'll begin doing some giveaways as soon as all of our kits are sold out or at the end of the zoom event.  

*If you purchase a kit and cannot make it on the zoom live with us, we will record it for you.  Each of our paid kits will receive the code to download the video later once recorded.  It will be available as a down load on our site for a small fee after edited and the zoo footage and participant footage is removed.   

*There will be no "presketch" required!  We will paint this all together during our zoom.  

*Please expect  this event to take approx 2 -2 1/2 hours.

*Swag Prizes will have 2 rounds!  Round one: All of our kit purchasers Names will go on the random name wheel.  We will spin for a min of 10 prizes!   Round 2: anyone that donates to our Virtual Tip Jar. (This round will be done as a LIVE from the Facebook Event!)

*Swag/Prizes will only be shipped within the US. (SORRY!)

*Discounts are built into SHIPPING.  If you are shipping 1-3 kits, the shipping is the same!  

There are no promo codes for this event. 

More details are on Facebook in our Event Section.

Sloth Paint Party - Virtual Sign up AND Paint Kit - 11/8/20 12:30pm Eastern Time