16 x 20 Adult Canvas Painting

12 x 24 Adult Canvas Painting

12x12 or 11x14 Kids Paintings

Extra Supplies

The usual extra supplies needed are water cups to wash brushes, Paper towels to dry brushes Plates for your paint pallet/mixing pallet.  A pencil when we sketch before we paint and a fun apron is good to keep your clothes clean!   The glow paint is for our Firefly painting.

Brush Options

When choosing brushes for your paints, think about how thick your paint is.  I typically use Student Acrylics which are light to medium body, so I like to use synthetic type brushes like taklon. Paints like water colors you'd use something like camel hair or fine/soft hair.  Thick/Heavy body acrylics or oils, use bristle brushes.

Paint Options

When choosing paints, look for an acrylic, light body or "flow".  The heavy body acrylics are much thicker requiring more work to get the paint on the canvas, it also means you'll need stiffer bristles on your brushes.