Frequently Asked Questions About Online Events:

  • How do I join or access the Facebook LIVE event?  ​​Be sure to Like and Follow our Facebook Page. Then watch for us to go LIVE at the start time of the event from our main page. Don't be alarmed if you or we are a few minutes late, we understand technology doesn't always work as planned. We are located in New Jersey (United States), so times are all shown as Eastern Time.  Facebook should automatically update the start time of the event to your local time based on your location.

  • Is the Video Recorded?  What if I'm late?   YES!  We record and save our LIVE in the event discussion for one week.  It then moves to our website where you can download for a small fee.​​  If you arrive late, you can still watch, but you cannot pause or rewind a live feed. 

  • Is there a Fee to Join?  Not usually!  Most of our LIVE stream events are FREE!  We will NOT ask you for your credit card information on FACEBOOK!  Watch out for SCAM/SPAM links that are posted as comments in the events that say "WATCH LIVE NOW"... That is NOT US!  We have reported and Banned... Just do not click!  If there is a fee for any event, that is done through our website.

  • What Time is the event and how long do they last?  We are in NJ, all events are posted as EASTERN TIME, Facebook however, should update YOUR event with YOUR time zone.    Events run from 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours depending on how many people are joining and the complexity of the event.

  • Where do I find the Supply List? How can I order?   The supply lists are posted in the about section and/or Post 1 of the event discussion.  Sometimes you have to scroll.  Here is a list of commonly used supplies:  16 x 20 Canvas, 1/2" to 3/4" Flat Brush, Medium Round Brush, Fine/Small Brush for detail, Acrylic Paint (We use primary - red, yellow, blue, black and white.  We occasionally use brown/burnt umber or burnt sienna), Cup of water to Rinse, Paper Towels to dry, Plate or palette for mixing, Easel is helpful but not required, Cover your work space.    You can purchase supply kits on our website at :  *please give yourself 2 weeks depending on where you are!  We do not always fill orders on the same day they are received.

  • How do I get in on giveaways?  We do TWO rounds of giveaways in most of our events. Details if an event is participating would be on the Facebook event discussion.  Round one of giveaways is done with any of our Kit Purchasers.  That first round is done as soon as we complete the live painting!   Round 2 is done with anyone that had a great time, loves their masterpieces and uses our virtual tip jar of $10 or more. This link will be posted in the event as well.  This round of prizes is done approx. 24 hours after our event.  ** We are sorry this is limited as of now to the US and Canada.

  •  The event says I need a sketch?  Where to I get it?   In the event discussion are sketches or silhouettes if you'd like to use them for your painting.  There will also be a "how to" video on this as well.  We will begin putting these on our website as a sign up feature going forward to help eliminate your scrolling through the event.  (Ex: Golden Girls has a link on the website to sign up and download sketches if you don't want a kit shipped to you.)  It's free, just follow the instructions! 

  • What Age are these recommended for?   While all of our paintings can be done at any age, we suggest you take your child's attention into consideration.  Some more complex paintings may take up to 2 - 2 1/2 hours with chatter in between.  These sessions are not just about painting, they are to have some fun and downtime and we make them about YOU.  So we give shout outs and we show fun things and other events!  If you don't think your child has the attention span to sit through that, check out another thing we do, which are kids classes.  We run a Fall Fun Workshop which will be running to the end of November.  There are 8 paintings in the series, some of which have been done already, but the videos are recorded.  We add you to a private group for those recorded and live sessions.  You can sign up by heading to our website: