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Frequently Asked Questions about Live & Recorded Events:

  • How do I join or access the Facebook or YouTube LIVE event?  ​​Be sure to Like and Follow our Facebook Page. Then watch for us to go LIVE at the start time of the event from our main Facebook page or YouTube Channel. Don't be alarmed if you or we are a few minutes late, we understand technology doesn't always work as planned. We are located in Halifax PA, (United States), so times are all shown as Eastern Time.  Facebook should automatically update the start time of the event to your local time based on your location.

  • Is the Video Recorded?  What if I'm late?   YES!  We record and save our LIVE videos and they are available on our YouTube Channel immediately.  If you arrive late, you can still watch, but usually you cannot pause or rewind a live feed.

  • Is there a Fee to Join?  Not usually!  Most of our LIVE stream events are FREE!  We will NOT ask you for your credit card information on FACEBOOK!  Watch out for SCAM/SPAM links that are posted as comments in the events that say "WATCH LIVE NOW"... That is NOT US!  We have reported and Banned... Just do not click!  If there is a fee for any event, that is done through our website or the event prior to starting.

  • What Time is the event and how long do they last?  We are in PA, all events are posted as EASTERN TIME, Facebook however, should update YOUR event with YOUR time zone.    Events run from 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours depending on how many people are joining and the complexity of the painting.

  • Where do I find the Supply List? How can I order?   The supply lists are posted in the about section and/or Post 1 of the event discussion.  Sometimes you have to scroll.  Here is a list of commonly used supplies:  16 x 20 Canvas, 1/2" to 3/4" Flat Brush, Medium Round #8 Brush, Fine/Small #4 Brush for detail, Acrylic Paint (We use primary colors - red, yellow, blue, black and white.  We occasionally use brown/burnt umber or burnt sienna), Cup of water to Rinse, Paper Towels to dry, Plate or palette for mixing, Easel is helpful but not required, Cover your work space.   

  •  The event says I need a sketch?  Where to I get it?   In the event discussion are sketches or silhouettes if you'd like to use them for your painting.  We will also attempt to add them to the Mimosas & Masterpieces Fan Page on Facebook. 

  • What Ages are the Live Sessions for?  While all of our paintings can be done at any age, we just suggest you take your child's attention into consideration.  Some can be more complex and paintings may take up to 2 - 2 1/2 hours with chatter in between if you don't want to fast forward through them.  

Frequently Asked Questions about in Person Events

  • What area and how far do you travel? We are currently servicing Dauphin County PA as well as Somerset and Hunterdon County NJ.  We are working on hiring a team for additional areas!  If you're within 15 miles from Somerset NJ or Halifax NJ, there is no further charge for travel, otherwise it's $1/mile for travel.

  • What is the minimum number of guests needed? We require a minimum of 10 guests at a private event or the total value of 10 guests.   We require a minimum of 20 - 40 guests for a fundraiser depending on project, location and amount given back. 

  • What's included with an in person event? Mimosas & Masterpieces will provide the use of our easels, paper plates and paint, disposable aprons (or kids' aprons which they keep), paper towels, cups for water, canvas (or glass, wood tray etc), and a new set of Mimosas & Masterpieces branded brushes (unless we discuss otherwise.)  

  • What do I need to provide to have a Mimosas & Masterpieces party? We do require a non refundable (but transferrable) deposit of $150 for an in person event.  We do need space for your guests, we have worked in some small spaces, but think about how your guests will feel.  Be sure there's enough room for all of the supplies including easel, canvas, cup of water, brushes, paper towels, plate of paint AND usually you're serving snacks and drinks!  I typically like to seat no more than 6 people at an 8 foot long table.  Be sure your space is covered and there is a space for the artist to be in front of your group for the instruction.

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